Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flights of Fancy

Last November I traveled to the Philippines. I took a plane from Winnipeg to Vancouver, Vancouver to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Manila. That entire trip took 19 hours. I am impatiently waiting for the day when the transporter thing on Star Trek is a reality.

I love traveling, I love being places, seeing different people and experiencing new things. I hope I'm able to travel for the rest of my life. What I'm not too fond of is flying. What really freaks me out is flying over water. I have the weirdest fear, I worry the plane will crash into the ocean. I'll survive and be lost at sea to finally meet my demise by being eaten by sharks. It's very elaborate and ridiculous.

Usually to get through flights I make sure I sit over the wing, I follow the safety presentation and try to fall asleep before take off. I usually bring a comfy blanket, a silky green sleep mask and a travel pillow.    

But for my 14 hour flight I couldn't fall asleep. I watched five different films, I laughed really loud, I cried an embarrassing amount and became increasingly tipsy from the complimentary wine (I had hoped it would help me fall asleep).  

I did yoga stretches along the isle. Now, that's something I normally don't do but I noticed a few people who looked like frequent flyers between Vancouver and Manila begin a light work out after 8 hours. So, I followed along.

I like airports. I find them interesting because they are the first glimpse you get of  the place you've landed in. I don't believe being in any airport is enough to get the sense of a city or country but it does give an impression. A small interpretation, like watching a one minute trailer for a two hour film. 

Otis the otter and a desert menu in Hong Kong

In the Hong Kong airport I had a delightful banana split and wandered around the cultural display. It was costumes from the Chinese Opera. 

Hong Kong