Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Day Ends

August 29, 2013

The sun has gone into hiding, the day ending in a dark grey with the trees shivering.

I think in the beginning of summer the bugs in my brain were eating all my creative thoughts.

Perhaps they taste better than the dull ones?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On The Way to New Jersey

August 22, 2013

Yuri and I took a little road trip from Stow, MA to somewhere in New Jersey to pick up his Oma and Opa. Usually for long car rides we listen to books on tape. Once on a trip from Ohio to Manitoba we listened to Jurassic Park. It was the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. I was convinced a velociraptor or tyrannosaurus was going to come running at the car. Anyway, for this trip we listened to World War Z. It was all daytime driving and it wasn’t an actual scary story.

I took pictures of signs I found interesting along the road. Honestly, this post isn’t going to be that remarkable. Looking over all the photos I took, I was thinking why’d I take all these? What am I going to do with them?

IMG_1446 I actually have no idea what town Sugar Hollow road is located in. I think we took a wrong turn…


The amazing thing about this picture is, we were not stuck in traffic and actually passed the sign really quickly. We successfully avoided all rush hour traffic in New York and Connecticut. Also, at this point in the book things got a little scary because they were talking about the highway we were on being jammed with scared people and attacking zombies.


Above is one of the most terrifying signs you’ll ever see! If it doesn’t scare you then you clearly haven’t seen The Legend of Sleepy Hollow narrated by Bing Crosby.


This picture is a bit fuzzy but I was really excited to see Canadian geese.


IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1459

IMG_1465 IMG_1466

That’s it for the pictures of our journey to New Jersey.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Surrounded by Forest


Yuri’s family lives in Stow MA, a small town outside of Boston. It’s basically a forest with houses squeezed in between the wildlife. A little ways from their house is a park called Delaney where the dog Maya likes to go for walks. So, we tagged along for a couple of her walks.


Above: Rare sighting of a Yuri in the wild.



Above: Maya and me. A couple of days before we arrived Maya treed a fisher cat near the house as well as bothered a skunk until she was sprayed. In her old age she is getting feisty.

Below: Maya relaxing in the muddy pond we were walking around. We thought it was a good idea for her to cool off and have a drink. But, then we remembered we had to get this wet doggy back in my mother-in-law's car.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Different Feet On A Different Day


On Thursday I wasn’t well enough to go for a two hour hike to see the seals in Cape Cod. So, while I was wandering around the local galleries in Chatham, Yuri and his family were walking the coast line. Later when I was looking at all the pictures he took of the seals, I found a few pictures of Yuri’s feet. I thought it was so sweet that he would lie down to take some pictures of his feet with seals because I couldn’t be there. And that is exactly what I would have done if I had gone with them. I like how the light catches his blisters.

Below is a picture of a sassy seal.



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Best Day Ever!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

At the Winnipeg Airport, we were suppose to take off at 7:45am but we were delayed until 2:30pm.  We hadn’t slept the night before, so instead of giving into grumpiness Yuri and I decided to be silly and have the Best Day Ever!


Because we had gone through customs we were not able to leave the building. But we endeavored to amuse ourselves in our small section of the airport.

We took pictures with the Mountie moose. (He was off duty)

IMG_9532 IMG_9534

A funny thing happened, we were almost last in line to get our complimentary vouchers. We weren’t in a hurry but when we received them at that moment all the stores closed.


IMG_9539 IMG_9540

In our adventures we found a very comfy couch so we decided to take up residence. On the other two couches were the crew who were also trapped in the building along with their grumpy passengers. They liked us because we were having a great day. Irena was really tired (pilot), Tanner was a sarcastic fellow (co-pilot) and Helen was so beautiful (flight attendant). After talking for a bit I admitted to being afraid of flying. Tanner said I needed to remember that pilots had self-preservation and that they didn’t fly if they thought there was something wrong with the plane.


Yuri convince Tanner and Helen to take a picture with the moose.


I found a sneaky door! And then everything opened. I tried on Channel No. 5 from the duty free store. I was smelling great.


We discovered we were separated from the rest of the airport by these glass walls. We also realized we were separated from the coffee. (Pouting began)


For fun we stood in a glass panel and waved at arriving passengers like the queen. We also pretended to be mannequins. 



We realized we had packed our power cord in our suitcase and Yuri’s phone was out of power. So, when the crew was able to get back on the plane Tanner came back with one for us to borrow. It was one of the nice things that happened that day.


Another awesome thing that happened was as we were boarding the plane Irena and Tanner let me into the captain’s cabin and pointed out how the plane worked. They also told me that Tanner would be flying us to Chicago then Irena would fly them home to Cleveland. During take off and through the flight when I started to get scared I just reminded myself that it was okay, Tanner was flying the plane.


IMG_9570 IMG_9575

The third awesome thing that happened was when we reached Chicago we ran into the crew again. They took us through a tunnel and pointed out it had been in Home alone 1. Then they dropped us off at a fantastic Mexican restaurant. (we had missed our connecting flight and had to reschedule to the evening) Although it was a long day in an airport it had been a pretty good one.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Folk Fest Feet


Various dirty feet from walking around the Winnipeg Folk Festival. I think these are all from 2011.


Top Left: Yuri, Mom, Rosie

Middle: Anna (Me) and Mom,

Bottom Left: Yuri, Someone who got hurt, Darrell, Rosie

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Came across this on Native American News Tumblr. I thought it was delightful.


Statue of Liberty in Jingle Dress by Steven Paul Judd

Wiggling with Linkon

This afternoon while visiting, I took my nephew Linkon outside to play with a little fairy toy I found but the first time we tried to fly it, the toy broke apart and the pieces got lost in the grass.  So we moved on to baseball. My throwing was off and he could only hit the tree we had lots of fun. Linkon made a point of apologizing to the tree every time he accidentally hit it. I got tired way too easily. While we were sitting down on the steps I decide to take a picture for Friday's Feet and a short video of our feet wiggling. My nephew is lots of fun. We also made a short music video together. It was his idea.

I didn't realize my camera lens was smudged.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday’s Feet – waiting for my doctor


It’s actually 4:00 am on Saturday. I’m late with this post. My head has been hurting, so I slept for I think 15 hours. Now I’m wide awake watching Boy on Bridge (a short documentary on Alan Doyle) with my brother Thane. It’s nice to have siblings who’ll stay up with you when you can’t sleep. He also showed me how to use the can opener so I could steal all my mom’s canned peaches.

I’m well aware that my commentary has nothing to do with the picture above.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pizza love

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omg i just ordered pizza and as i was about to hang up i said love you out of habit and the guy said it back and after a whole minute of dead silence he just tells me that he hopes that i’m not expecting a discount on the pizza just cause we confessed our undying love for each other! OMG!

guys! he sent me a note on one of the napkins and i just


I ship it

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wolf name shenanigans

I’ve lost the source for this picture. But when I came across it I couldn’t stop laughing at the comments below. I’m White Fire.

i’ve been laughing at this response for 20 minutes
That got me laughing, too. :) Great name generator for character animals, too. Or even characters’ last names. Like from Game of Thrones: GreyJoy.
Scarlet Fire :D

Friday, May 31, 2013

Waiting for the bus


I was waiting for the bus at the corner of Bishop Grandin and St. Mary’s rd. The day was bright and incredibly windy. My hair got all messy and it made me look like a ragamuffin. I was pacing around the bus shelter, circling the garbage can for fun.  After awhile I decided to take a picture of my feet. Cars were lined up at the intersection, the people were probably wondering why I took my shoes off. That’s probably a common thought when strangers are looking at me. Lately I’ve been taking more pictures of my feet in public spaces.

Friday, May 24, 2013

On a Seesaw

On Mother’s Day I spent part of the afternoon having a picnic with my mom and playing in the park with my husband, big brother,big sister, niece and nephew. I am very good at playing. My niece was sitting at the other end of the seesaw telling me she would be more comfortable if I was either sitting down or not on the end because from her experience that’s how people fall off. I sat down after taking this picture. It was good advice and I almost fell over twice. 


Lovely day.