Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conversations With My Babies

The babies were 4 months yesterday and already formed people with lots of personality. 

I"m not sure about being a mom. I think perhaps I'm not good at it. I was talking to Artis yesterday that maybe he should have picked someone else to be his mother. He gave a non-committal squeak and shrug. 

I can't cook to other people's standards, I'm not good at cleaning, he will get his pants ironed once in a blue moon and I'm afraid of sewing machines. I can't drive a car and I'm not sure where to stick him and his brother on my scooter. 

But I'll tell him stories and I'll share all my jokes with him and Oberon. I'll also share my toys and paint supplies. 

I began thinking of scenarios that could happen in the future and how I would possibly react. 

6 year old Artis: I'm living in the tree house! Me: Cool, I will too! Screw society grab some blankets and bring the bag of apples. 

10 year old Oberon: I'm joining the circus. Me: I'll come with you. We can be Anna and her flying bambinos, we will work the trapeze or human canon. I just have to get over my fear of falling. During our breaks we will sneakily throw peanuts at the lion tamer because he's stuck up. But we will be friends with the lion. 

My scenarios got more elaborate as I rocked Artis. 

Day 49 of 365 Feet Project