Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fighting With My Words

I think sometimes I'm able to get a lot of writing done or work completed late at night because I'm too tired to let my ADHD and learning disability hold me back. At that point I can't be afraid of bad spelling or grammatical mistakes, I just have to finish the work.

Sometimes I'm afraid of bad spelling like it could happen out of nowhere. Like a shark attack. 

I'm swimming and all of a sudden a shark appears. 

I'm writing and suddenly I'm not sure if a word looks right. Should I continue? Do I look it up or do I give up that word and replace it with one I know I can spell. 

It's a panic.  I've been pulled under, drowning and I have to re-read out loud everything I've written two or three times and check the dictionary or thesaurus. 

This is everyday writing my blog. 

Day 59 of 365 Feet Project