Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Titles Are Hard

Titles are hard. That's what is going through my mind while I stare at these photos remembering the day I took them. A good day. 

To take the photo of my foot I stood on the edge of the dock leaning over a bit. Yuri held me in place so I didn't fall into the water. He comes in handy for that kind of thing a lot of the time. 

I also thought about naming  the post, My Favorite People, because I included Yuri and Rosie. They looked very photogenic that day.

I enjoy naming things but sometimes I'm at a loss for an interesting relevant title.  I'm probably going to start writing titles like help! trapped in a box... That's how I sometimes subject my emails to my mother. She's not always amused. 

Day 56 of 365 Feet Project